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With the right ambition change begins




As a Personal Trainer, I know I bear the responsibility to help my clients acheive successfully their goals.

There is no such thing as a „perfect“ body, if it was acheived at the expense of your overall health.

This is the reason why I give great importance to maintain the health of my clients and the careful awareness of their physical weak points as well as their pain points.

Through absolute professionalism, extensive knowledge about anatomy and health and outstanding personalization about matching training techniques to meet your need –is my utmost goal in serving my clients in their personal health.


Personally I continuously challenge and evolve myself and through this it is possible for me to offer you a wide range of personal health training plans, which will always promote the preservation of your health and support the improvement of your physical constitution.


I believe, that you can only be good in something, if you really enjoy doing it.

This applies to you as the client, just as much to me as your personal trainer.

My goal in my work as a personal trainer is to create this enviroment for us.

Let us strengthen your health with fun!


Sport Qualifications

• certified personal trainer

• teacher for fitness

• trainer for strength training

• trainer for sports rehabilitation

• trainer for cardio fitness

• health trainer

• nutrition trainer

• trainer for back exercises

• trainer for kids fitness

• trainer for TRX®

• trainer for MOVE and BOX®

• trainer Cross Training

• trainer for indoor cycling


Health Qualifications

• basics of sports physiotherapy

• massage and spa therapist

• Kinesio Tape Course

• basics traditional chinese medicine

• basics Thai Massage

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